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Crazy Li'l K-pop Freak. THIS IS A CERTIFIED U-KISS BLOG~ So yeah, I'm a KISSme. ♥ Annyeong! :) Oh ME? I'm Alyssa. Proudly Filipina. 16 yrs. old. simple. fun. loves GOD. MUSIC?I'm in love with Korean Pop Music! (K-POP) I am a total KISSme! ♥ I am a K-pop addict and a fan of U-KISS. I love all 9 of them! I also love Ren but definitely Kevin Woo Sung Hyun. MOST! :'))) 유키스! ~ ~
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MY REASON by Kevin Woo [U-KISS]


I fell for you the moment I first saw you

You were so beautiful

I fell so deeply for you

I felt it for the first time

The thing called love and my heart racing

I can’t help my heart feeling this way


I will go closer to you, just stay as you are

I will hold you tight so you can feel me more


Only one to protect you

Only one person to value you

The person who will love you is me

Only you are the one who makes me exist

Only you have stolen all of my heart

My all, you are the reason for me, baby


My heart pounds when I see you

I look and look but I want to keep looking at you

I’m in front of you, pretty sweety girl

Only you are the reason I live


I will be a bit braver, just trust me

Will you catch me so I can have you more?



If something happens to you

Will you tell me? Will you lean on me?


Only one to make you smile

Only one to make you happy

The person who will only look at you is me

Promise you forever

I love you, who has taken all of me

My love, you are the reason for me, baby

Only you are my reason..

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